Retirement and Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Life Insurance

With an over 20 year track record of successfully assisting doctors prepare for retirement, MedStaff Consulting will help you achieve your retirement goals with confidence. Our many testimonials and endorsements by medical staff associations demonstrate our proven ability to carefully evaluate your financial situation and design a custom solution for you.

MedStaff Consulting's unique planning tools allow you to be a knowledgeable participant in a planning process that simplifies what otherwise seems complicated and time-consuming. Our comprehensive analysis tools and integrated planning model allow you to understand and see the relationship between different categories of taxable assets, investment returns, frequency and amount of deposits or contributions, and time. The result is a comprehensive, understandable, and powerful plan that has proven can deliver your goals.

Along with the traditional savings tools, we strategically implement customized insurance products that allow for tax sheltering of investment assets before and during retirement, guaranteed growth in cash values and guaranteed protection against loss of principal, allowing for tax free income from these assets in retirement.  MedStaff Consulting’s tax, legal, insurance, and investment experts address your retirement income needs while working to create secured wealth.

Contact MedStaff for a complementary portfolio assessment to see if you are on track for reaching your retirement goals.

Estate Planning

Life Insurance

Feel secure in knowing that all aspects of your estate including family, business and charitable contributions will be handled according to your wishes. MedStaff develops solutions that ensure the needs of your estate will be taken care of and your loved ones provided for in the most timely and tax effective manner. Through business solutions that match your needs we develop a plan to address your professional responsibilities while protecting your loved ones and preserving your estate.

We develop plans to establish a charitable legacy to leave to organizations or institutions that are important to you through innovative insurance solutions.

MedStaff creates where the maximum possible amount of your contributions will go to organizations of your choice and not to taxes.
MedStaff web technology allows secure sharing of information between all advisors and real time web based meetings to confirm that all legal, tax, investment and insurance advisors are in agreement with the recommended MedStaff estate planning strategy.


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