Tax Planning

MedStaff Consulting has developed proven successful tax minimization strategies over the last 20 years of close consultation and partnership with leading recognized accounting, legal, and investment professionals. The integrated planning model perfected by MedStaff Consulting, allows medical professionals and their advisors to view and clearly understand the relationship between all areas of financial planning and the tax minimization opportunities available.

Tax Shelters

MedStaff Consulting advisors are highly skilled specialists in accounting, personal and corporate tax planning, legal advisement and investment strategies. MedStaff has developed effective tax sheltering techniques and vehicles that the medical community has found dramatically successful in reducing tax burdens and simplifying the tax planning process.


Tax Management

Medstaff’s unique integrated planning tools give you the ability to confirm that the particular tax strategy recommended provides significant tax relief. Each asset is assessed according to its tax rate and integrated into a plan that demonstrates and delivers the tax relief goals.


Each tax shelter strategy is assessed and custom designed to fit the needs of the individual practitioner, medical partnership or corporation.

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